Code of Practice

The Rules contained in this Code of Practice form an integral part of the conditions of membership of Calderdale Landlords Association. In applying, each applicant agrees to be bound by them.

The Code of Practice aims to achieve and promote the highest standards of conduct by members of the Association. The rules are also aimed at protecting the members of the public against restrictive or unethical practices, and provide a means of complaint against a member who fails to honour them. By incorporating these Rules in the Association it is our intention to promote good standards of accommodation and service, and to develop a useful and mutually respectful, co-operative relationship with tenants, local authorities, local and national government representatives, and any other agencies.

While the Association will use its best endeavours to inform its members of current and future legislation, it must be understood that this cannot be all encompassing, and it will remain the responsibility of the individual members to obtain independent legal advise and guidance on all matters.

A full copy of the Code of Practice can be downloaded hereĀ Code Of Practice